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Adventures in South Africa include activities like diving with great white sharks, white river rafting, hiking in Big Five territory or doing the highest commercial bridge bungee jump in the world. South Africa has numerous adventure activities for the real enthusiastic people.

Shark Cage diving

Picture being lowered inside a cage, into shark infested waters for a terrifying close encounter with the killer of the seas- the great white shark. All that separates you and its saw toothed jaws are the few feet of water and the solid steel bar cage.

Knowing how to swim is not a necessary requirement. Step into a steel cage attached to the side of the boat & get lowered into shark territory. The crew members on the boat bait the shark by tossing chunks of meat into the ocean a few feet away from you. Cherish the sight of the great white gliding past just a few feet from you. A powerfully chilling, but also exhilarating experience. It’s not uncommon for a shark to stop and look at you like an animal in a cage by ramming its snout on the bars of your cage. No need to worry the cage is sturdy enough to withstand the pounding. This activity can be done as a day trip from Cape Town.

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Bloukrans Bungee

Pay money to frighten yourself? Sounds silly right? But if it’s the Bloukrans bungee then a bit of madness for an experience of a lifetime is worth it. No pilot license or prior flying experience required. You will be fitted with a full body harness & your feet are strapped to an enormous elastic band. You are taken to the take-off platform after being weighed & here comes your moment of truth; to jump or not to jump that is the question. Many chicken out at this point looking at the drop but if you choose to jump you will first get into a free fall & at the end of the descent you are yanked up & then bounced around.

Crazy but thrilling. This activity can be done on the Garden Route.

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White Water Rafting

Knowing how to swim is not a requirement but helpful. Most tours have a safety training programme. River rafting is a team sport & a raft can take 2-8 people along with a guide. The river run is done in a raft that hurdles over rapids graded from 1 to 5.

This activity can be done in Cape Town, Northern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal etc.

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Canopy / Zip Line

Zip line & canopy tours do not require any special skill or prior experience. For both activities you require to wear a harness that is attached to a pulley. Zip line requires you to step off a platform & glide suspended from the cable to another platform at the bottom. Canopy tours are a little more complex; they are done over a series of zip lines stretched out between giant trees. In this you have to use your gloved hands as a break.

This activity can be done in Eastern Cape, Garden Route, , KwaZulu-Natal etc.

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Crocodile Cage Diving

You may have experienced the thrill of shark cage diving and it’s time for something new and different. What about Crocodile Cage Diving? Yes, you read correctly. Crocodile Cage Diving is a global first and is only offered in South Africa at the Cango Ranch in Oudtshoorn in theWestern Cape.

It is clearly not for the faint-hearted. What makes this so daring is that these crocodiles are 4m long Nile crocodiles and are man-eating predators. They view humans as their prey! The cages are specifically designed to withstand the crocodile’s incredible power as the crocs boast a bite pressure of over two tons per square inch which is 4 times the bite of a Great White Shark. You will carefully be lowered in the croc-proof cage into the crystal clear water that is home to 5 crocs. The experience gets more adrenaline pumping as the crocodiles spend their time surrounding the cage and considering you as a potential snack! You will also have a souvenir of your thrilling experience as an underwater photograph is taken of you surrounded by crocs! This activity can be done in Western Cape.

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